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How to send a large PDF file: Attachments vs Google Drive vs WeTransfer vs Docsend vs ShareDocView

You are not the only one searching on Google for "how to send a large PDF file".

In this blog post we will do our best to show you various ways of how large PDF files can be shared as well as discuss the pros and cons of each solution.

1 - Attachment (max 20-25 mb...pretty small by today's standards)

If use Gmail you might already know that attachments support a maximum file size of 25MB.

On Outlook max size is 20mb and on Yahoo is 25 mb

2 - Google Drive (be careful in not sharing confidential folders - no branding, analytics or email leads)

If you use Gmail, Google will suggest you to upload the file on Google Drive and share a Google Drive link instead.

This operation can become a bit complicated and scary, since most Google Drives tend to host huge amounts of very personal, private and secret documents.

So do it at your own risk and make sure you are not sharing a confidential folder.

Finally you won't be able to get email leads or analytics from your document views or downloads.

3 - WeTransfer (very large files but no analytics or leads)

While we transfer is a great tool for very large files (up to 2GB in the free tier) it doesn't give you any document analytics or lead generation capabilities.

4 - Docsend (more expensive - no embed or Cname)

Docsend is one of the most similar tools to ShareDocView, though...

  • They are much more expensive

  • They do not offer Embed (ability to show documents on your website)

  • They do not allow your company to setup a custom domain / Cname (ability to brand all your doc links like docs.YOURDOMAIN. com)

  • You cannot create a document link so that anyone can see it right away and then you will ask for a verified email only for downloads

  • No Google 1-Tap sign in for higher conversions

5 - ShareDocView

Last but not least, our very own ShareDocView, while we are the new kid on the block....

  • We are proud to offer the most competitive industry pricing

  • We allow to embed docs on your website (like YouTube does for videos)

  • We allow companies to setup a custom domain so that all shared docs will be hosted and branded like docs.YOURDOMAIN .com

  • We are the only solution that offers 10 different ways to share powerful as you can get!



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