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About Us

Our Mission: build the most affordable and easiest to use

 document sharing solution

It all started with 2 ambitious founders

Kristian Hristov and Vincenzo Belpiede

A Linkedin Post by Vince and a comment by Kristian created the spark

to build the most affordable document sharing solution

100% remotely plus some fun team building events around the world

Here is a picture from our last get together in Aguascalientes, Mexico

in April 2022 at the Executive Lounge at the Marriott Hotel

photo_2022-06-14 16.00.18.jpeg

Our Story

Vincenzo Belpiede wrote and published an analysis on Linkedin and Medium on Document Sharing Solutions were either too expensive or broken.

Kristian Hristov commented and proposed to "build something better together"

We spoke over Skype (before Zoom was cool), first in Spanish as Kristian has been living in Aguascalientes, Mexico for 20 years and Vince lived in Mexico City in 2005.

After realizing that we both preferred English we switched and continued our conversation.

As we share origins from poorer parts of Europe (Bulgaria and Southern Italy respectively) and having spent time in Mexico we did immediately agree on the opportunity of creating high quality yet very affordable software.

Kristian is a top software developer and Vince has worked as a product manager at Nokia and Microsoft for many years so we had the right set of complementary skills to build a first version of our product.

We worked 100% remotely with a simple 1 hour weekly call to review our Roadmap on Trello which eventually became public as we love to listen and hear our customers. 

ShareDocView offers an easy to use and affordable document sharing solution

used by thousands of people around the world.

We look forward to keep building more easy to use, useful and productive software that will help you become more successful and make your lives easier.

Meet The Founding Team

Some of our Customers

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