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Retail and Operator Partners

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Highest revenue share

We like to offer

the highest revenue share possible 

So that you can truly feel like

our product is yours!

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with our pricing

We understand that the world is a big place 


We know that countries and regions have very different levels of affordability

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Everyone needs our software

From sales executives who can find if their sales decks were opened

To students who can share their CVs with links

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We already have thousands of customers globally

Our software is heavily used and thus tested by thousands of customers worldwide

So we are ready to scale

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5 We already work with Partners Worldwide

Plus offer a discount coupon


for your Community

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Software is needed to increases producivity

Make your customers more productive

both professionals and larger companies

They will have more money to spend on your services

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Software keeps growing

The earlier you get in


the more revenue you can drive

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Create discount codes
for your customers

In order to more easily create promotions

Write us in the Live Chat to discuss details

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We integrate
with +5,000 apps

New leads can be automatically sent to your CRM, mailing list, slack... name it!  

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