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10 ways to share documents with ShareDocView - Attachments, docsend, pandadoc, Alternative

One of the reasons we built is because other document sharing solutions were not offering enough options to share docs via links.

So we built the most powerful link creation tool for documents in the world!

Below are all the possible alternatives, let us know any thoughts on the live chat


1. No email required (Links Viewable by Anyone but Download is NOT allowed)

So viewers will see your document right away

and won't be able to download

p.s. you CAN personalize the logo top left, color and even Logo URL (Link) with our Premium plan


2. Require Email to view but Download NOT allowed

(Creates a beautiful landing page)

Viewers will see a landing page like the one below where they must enter an email to view the content or just sign in one click with their Google account :)

We don’t think there is anyone in the industry that has Google 1-tap sign in implemented…we are the first :)

You can add more details for the landing page by filling the fields you see below:

you can add Title, Tagline, Subtitle, Description


3 — Email required to view (landing page) + Download Allowed

Link recipients will still see the landing page first

Then they will be able to download


4 — No Email required to view + Allow Download

Basically a Public link


5 . Email required to Download

Anyone can view it

but an email is required for download

This is a very unique and powerful document sharing that we have not seen anywhere else in the industry.

We have seen higher conversion rates since leads get to first see the doc before giving out their email.

To download the doc viewers will enter their email or click on Google 1-Tap Login


6. Ask your leads to Verify their emails

Anytime you ask for an email you can ensure it gets verified

So 100% of your leads will be real and you won’t get any types of emails :)

Here is the request for code users will see

Potential leads will get an email with a code to view the document


7. Get email notifications

for each download or visit


8. Enable Watermark (Premium 👑)

Add a watermark (ex. your company or professional logo) on all documents to increase the level of security of security of your documents

Here is an example of a presentation with ShareDocView logo as a watermark.


9. Set Password (Premium 👑)

Get extra security and confidentiality


10. Authorized users

Authorize specific users by adding their emails

 more thing...

11. You can change link settings Later

  • Go to document view

  • click on the 3 dots to see options

  • Click on Settings


Think about your use case and recipients to figure out which link settings are the right ones for which individual recipient or marketing channels.

Write us on the Live Chat on with any questions and ideas



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