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More Sales via powerful doc links

Get Leads, Analytics, Branding...

No more email attachments

No Credit Card Needed!

1 ShareDocView - How to get leads and analytics sharing PDF Word & Powerpoint documents via Links
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Plus Embed Docs on any Site

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+7,000 Customers Love us...Worldwide!

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Verified Leads in 1-click

via Google 1-tap Sign in

Adios fake emails, 100% verified leads


1-tap login with Google on ShareDocView
Let anyone see doc - Get verified email leads for downloads

Get more Email Leads

Let anyone view your docs

Then ask for email at download


Powerful Analytics

Know which doc was opened when...even till which slide!

Get reports on which docs got most views, downloads, leads

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Brand all your Docs in 1-click

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Your logo on every page

with a transparency effect

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Company Logo

on every presentation top left!

Plus add a link to your website

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Choose your color for the heading bar





Roland Ligtenberg 

Co-Founder at HouseCall Pro - San Diego, California 🇺🇸

+6,800 followers on Linkedin

We finally know who views or downloads our Documents

We couldn't stand old PDFs circling around, plus with ShareDocView we get email leads from views or downloads 

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