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ShareDocView Partner Program

We've been blessed by thousands of incredible people who didn't only join ShareDocView but also helped us grow he so we decided it's time to give back!

We are opening up a partner program which will allow to:

  1. Earn Free upgrades

  2. Get a personalized coupon to offer with a discount to your community

  3. Get invited as a guest writer on this blog

  4. Promote your company's presentations at no cost on our Linkedin page (oh yes even sales presentations).

  5. Get your company featured on our email newsletter (see example below)


We are also looking into how to best launch an affiliate program.

We are evaluating a few alternatives:

  1. Use Stripe Payment Links which has the added value of signing up once for Stripe

  2. Use Share-a-Sale which after an analysis seems to be like the best option

  3. We also have an opportunity to integrate with which has an affiliate program though transaction costs are higher and it doesn't have all the features Share-a-Sale has.

Let us know if there is anything else we could do to improve our partner program.

Thanks so much for all the love and support



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