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How to get more bookings sharing your calendar slots via links with paying one time

Updated: Sep 1, 2022


You often hear or ask the question "When are you free for a call?".

Unfortunately, in most cases, it's hard or too time consuming to find a good time that works well for two people. allows to anyone to signup for free via a Google account, then create event types for different types of people ex. existing or potential customers.

After setting your time availabilities you can share your Calendbook links with anyone so that they can book your calendar in a few clicks.

You can signup for a free forever account on

ShareDocView professional customers get 1 extra code and premium customers get 2 extra codes when you get Calendbook.

Thanks so much for reading and being part of our amazing community


P.s. Once you buy a Calendbook code you can also become an affiliate here.

Below is a product manual on how Calendbook works and embedded via (here is a blog post on how to embed ShareDocView docs anywhere on the web)


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