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How to get email leads when you get featured as Leader to follow on

At we created a very successful blog series of leaders to follow.

For example, we featured Justin Welsh, by some called the "King of Linkedin".

You have 2 options to get your blog post done:

1 ) We publish a blog post about you completely on our own as ShareDocView

2) You upload the doc on, send us the doc link so that you can get email leads from anyone downloading.

If you choose option 2 here are the steps:

1. Signup for free on and Upload your document (it's super easy but here is how)

2. Create a Doc Link with the following setting (allow download + Email required to download + verify email)

3. send us the Document Link and the embed code (also on the live chat on

Sit back and enjoy all the new verified email leads from your document



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