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How to get VERIFIED LEADS on Linkedin

Updated: Aug 22, 2022


1. Get a hold of an interesting document, report, white paper, presentation, deck, file, pdf...whatever...

2. Write a simple Linkedin post then add only part of your document or an image

....describe post...

Drop a comment below to get a FREE copy

...add some hashtags

3. Reply to comments and send connection requests to send links that get you leads

Make sure link settings ask for verified emails either in order to view or download.

We have dedicated people in our team that get this process done for us.

Let us know if you need help in the Live chat in the bottom right.

p.s. Notice I didn't mention likes, comments or views. Those are all vanity metrics because they are not actionable like Email Leads!

p.p.s. Once you get these leads you can automatically add them to +5,000 apps via Zapier...we will write another post on how it works ASAP!



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