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Hello Enterprises!

Increase Sales in 3 Steps

1. Send a ShareDocView link to one of your leads at a target company (make sure you ask for a verified email lead for views or downloads)

2. Get more leads of key decision makers as they try to view or download 

3. Follow up at the right time by getting email notifications for doc views or downloads via ShareDocView


Extra Credit: Setup Zapier to get notifications on Slack or other +5,000 apps...or even add leads to Salesforce, Pipedrive or other CRMs.

It's often very hard to find out who are the key decision makers at a target company.

If you send an attachment you will not gather any intelligence about who else  views or downloads your doc.

Signup for ShareDocView for free right now to experience the power of our smart links compared to attachments or even Google Drive links.

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